About Brett Robson – The Photographer Born in Alice Springs, 1976, Brett Robson moved with his mother when he was quite young to live with a relative in Kwinana, Perth. After moving on from here and traveling about Australia for quite sometime his family came to rest in Myrtleford, North East Victoria. From here Brett finished his final years of High School before moving to Melbourne

Brett was introduced into photography by his Grandfather at an early age, though it wasn’t for quite a few years later that he would realize that he had an eye for photography and could see things in the world that most people would walk past and would remain unnoticed.

Always wanting to learn new styles and techniques Brett is always willing to get out behind the camera and dive in head first and make an attempt at creating a certain image or effect, if in doubt he will ask photographers that he has contact with for pointers and tips however relies more on getting out there and learning from experience.

Brett is self taught when it comes to photography so every experience he has counts towards his learning process, he encourages fellow photographers to try different techniques and styles and in inspiring others he also inspires himself Brett has been known to live his life through the viewfinder of a camera and uses his mind’s eye as the camera lens. To convey the imagery that he sees to the world he employs the use of both Canon Film and Digital cameras with a myriad of lenses

Along side of all this Brett has also had appearances on various episodes of City Homicide as a Crime Scene Photographer